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FRIDAY, JUNE 14, 2024


 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM


The Exotics are a swingin’ Surf-Rock guitar-based band from Milwaukee, now entering their fourth decade performing.  Formed in 1994, The Exotics have kept the sound of the Sixites Go-Go beat alive.  Touring in support of their 1996 debut "Go Go Guitars" and 2009's "Lost Album", they’ve traveled the nation playing Tiki Bars and Surf Music festivals from coast to coast. The Exotics released the 3-song E.P. "The Enchanted Interrogation Room" in 2012, and an all-original retrospective titled "Twangy Surf & Spy Themes" in 2015, containing new, remixed, & favorite tracks.  Considered one of the Midwest’s premier Surf bands, The Exotics lineup since 2001 includes guitarists Paul Wall and Brandt Zacher, bassist Jon Ziegler and drummer Don Nelson and they continue to amaze fans young and old with their throwback surf guitar prowess!  




6:30 PM to 7:30 PM


BingBong, formed in 2012, quickly became one of Madison, Wisconsin’s favorite bands.  Since 2018, BingBong has been racking up Madison Area Music Association (MAMA) Awards, for Song of the Year (5 wins) and Rock Performer of the Year (2 wins).  In short, they can write and play a tune with verve and elan.  BingBong released its debut album, Pop Restoration in 2018 and it is a testament to the band’s philosophy that pop can, and should, ROCK!  This is no milquetoast offering.  The record ranges from the Americana-esque “Many Years” to the heavy-rocking “Sugar & Spice” to the pop-tastic “It’s Complicated.” The record is meant to be played from start to finish, old school, album-oriented rock old school.


Members of the band formed around their love for late-70s and early-80s guitar rock.  Striving to revive the feel and the energetic power pop of that time, they’re heavily influenced by greats like Rockpile, The Pretenders, and The Smiths.  BingBong’s raucous live shows speak to their ability to pack any size venue with pure energy.  They’ve opened for National touring acts like the Figgs and the Bottle Rockets.  It’s BingBong’s good fortune to have two main songwriters with complementary but diverse writing styles.  Pam Barrett is steeped in the “storyteller” tradition, writing songs that are visually evocative with characters & plots that come alive.  Danny Hicks, through both his hook-laden guitar riffs and hard-hitting lyrics, is intensely, energetically, mood driven. Both have a knack for creating bright, shimmery melodies. This two-pronged approach gives BingBong a broad sonic canvas on which they paint their live shows.  BingBong’s rhythm section keeps the heat on with Brian Bentley on drums and Julie Kiland on bass.




5:15 PM to 6:15 PM


Dave “Elvis” Ehlert has been performing as the “King” since 1965, and that’s 12 years before Elvis died!  Since Dave began performing as Elvis in 1965 he has become the longest running Elvis Tribute Show in the world.  He has portrayed Elvis on stage during the terms of 9 U.S. Presidents!  His voice has been considered the closest to Elvis by seven Presidents of various Elvis Fan Clubs.  He is the first performer to be inducted to the Elvis Performer’s International Hall of Fame.


Dave “Elvis” Ehlert has performed in 44 states, Mexico and Canada as well as on a cruise ship in international waters.  From 1994 to 2012, he operated the first theatre ever built in the tourist mecca Branson, MO.  There, he widened his act to include tributes to many other characters including Tom Jones, Neil Diamond, Liberace, Willie Nelson, Conway Twitty, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Nat King Cole, Ray Charles, Hank Williams and many more.



8:30 PM to 10:00 PM


Celebrating their 35th Anniversary, Atlanta-based folk rock act, Drivin N Cryin, have spent most of their career on tour. In October 1985 Drivin N Cryin played their first show at Atlanta’s famed 688 Club. The band quickly gained attention for their blistering live shows, and amassed a rabid fanbase in the fertile soil of the late-1980s Southeast music scene.

Now, 35 years later, and after releasing four full length albums on Island Records and one on Geffen Records, founding members Kevn Kinney and Tim Nielsen find themselves enjoying a milestone anniversary for the band, having survived the pressures of fame, a shifting musical landscape, multiple lineup changes, and miles of back roads and highways to arrive here.

After a gold record, 9 full-length albums, and a handful of EPs to their credit, the band still refuses to rest.  In 2012, a documentary about the band, entitled Scarred but Smarter: Life ‘n’ Times of Drivin N Cryin, was produced.  In 2015, a collection of 10 choice cuts from the band’s 4-EP “Songs” series, entitled “Best of Songs”, was released on Nashville’s Plowboy Records.  Additionally, the band was inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame the same year.  The following year, Drivin N Cryin released a vinyl-only album, entitled “Archives Volume One”, with a collection of basement recordings from the years 1988 to 1990.

With Dave V. Johnson on drums, and the band’s newest member, Laur Joamets on guitar, (originally with Sturgill Simpson) added to the lineup, Drivin N Cryin continues to tour the U.S. to great acclaim.  Island Records re-released their highly recognized “Mystery Road” album through Universal Music Group (2017) & Darius Rucker cut Straight to Hell on his album, “When Was the Last Time”, released October 2017 with guest vocal appearances by Luke Bryan, Charles Kelley, and Jason Aldean.

“Mystery Road” was named one of “The 50 Best Southern Rock Albums of All Time” by Paste Magazine that year as well.  In 2018, New West Records re-released their self-titled 1997 album with a new name, “Too Late To Turn Back Now!”.  In addition, the band recently celebrated the release of their 9th studio album, “Live the Love Beautiful”.  Produced by former band member, Nashville’s Aaron Lee Tasjan, the album was released on Drivin N Cryin Records to much praise.

A quote from the band’s lead singer, Kevn Kinney, gives a little insight into what Drivin N Cryin is all about: “We are a band that’s like your record collection”.  Drawing influence from a wide array of musical elements, Drivin N Cryin has developed a unique sound over the years.  Their name derives from the eclectic nature of this sound: a little drivin’ rock n roll and a little country twang.  Comfortable with their past and confident in their future, the band has an arsenal of songs, a full tank of gas, and no plans of stopping any time soon.




7:00 PM to 8:00 PM


The Pretty Flowers is a four-piece indie rock band from Los Angeles composed of Noah Green (vocals/guitar), Jake Gideon (guitar/vocals), Sam Tiger (bass/vocals) and Sean Johnson (drums).  Their music has been described as hooky, heartfelt and literate.  The band's influences span more than a few decades of loud guitar indie and college rock, including: Guided By Voices, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Teardrop Explodes, Superchunk, and Teenage Fanclub.

The Big Takeover magazine said of The Pretty Flowers debut album, “Why Trains Crash”, released on Portland’s Dirt Cult Records, “These Los Angeles hard '90s style indie-rock that harkens back to later Replacements, early Weezer, a little Sloan, and quite a bit of Wilco.  They have the chops to write great songs.” The blog I Buy Way Too Many Records lauded it as “a shoe-in for (2018) album of the year“, and punk zine Razorcake called it “lyrical, like a toned-down The Weakerthans… wistful, but not weak and catchy but not cute.”

2023 found the band on a west coast tour of the US with The Roxies from Berlin, Germany.  On July 14th the band released their sophomore album, “A Company Sleeve” on their new label, Double Helix Records.  The album was produced by the band’s own Jake Gideon, engineered by Adam Lasus (Lily’s, Yo La Tengo, Madder Rose and Helium) at Studio Red and mastered by Matthew Barnhart (Superchunk, Bob Mould, METZ).  It features the singles “Hit Nothing”, "Wildflowers" and "Baby Food".

“A Company Sleeve” ended up on numerous album year-end lists, with I Buy Way Too Many Records naming it “the absolute best record of 2023”.  Sweet Sweet Music Blog wrote, “A Company Sleeve, featuring twelve incredibly robust compositions, manages to surpass even Why Trains Crash’s infectious appeal”.  Rosy Overdrive said, “The album is more than worth this wait–it’s a very strong collection of earnest guitar rock that incorporates bits of slacker rock, jangle pop, college rock, power pop, pop punk, and heartland rock all led charismatically by Green’s clear, everyman vocals”.  2024 takes the band to Austin, TX to showcase at the SXSW festival/conference as well as numerous other scheduled tour dates.


5:30 PM to 6:30 PM


The Mommyheads are an eclectic American indie outfit known for their stylistic verve, combining power pop, art-rock, new wave, prog, and other errant genres into their signature mix.  Originating out of New York in the late '80s, the band rose from underground success to a stint on Geffen Records with their self-titled Don Was-produced 1997 album before disbanding a year later.  The Mommyheads reunited in 2008 and have continued to nurture their status as a beloved cult band, especially in Scandinavia, where they found an unexpectedly robust fan base.  They have been particularly prolific during their second act, with highlights like 2010's “Finest Specimens” and 2018's “Soundtrack to the World's End”.  Released in 2023, The Mommyheads' 15th studio album, “Coney Island Kid”, was a concept album examining Brooklyn in the '70s.

The Mommyheads were formed in 1987 while Brooklyn-born singer Adam Elk (née Cohen) attended New York City's prestigious High School of Music and Art.  Within two years, Elk and company released their full-length debut, the layered, complex, and lo-fi “Acorn” on Fang Records.  Soon afterward, keyboard player Mike Holt and drummer Dan Fisherman joined Elk and Matt Patrick, and the new line-up hit the road on one of many national tours.  Straddling Knitting Factory-inspired art rock and brainy power pop, their eclectic second album, “Coming Into Beauty”, set the tone as the band headed into their next phase.  Matt Patrick left the group, replaced by Jeff Palmer, late of SST blues-rockers Sister Double Happiness.  This was the line-up whose chemistry was crystallized on 1994's “Flying Suit” and its equally compelling 1995 follow-up, “Bingham's Hole”.  The latter effort found its way to producer Don Was, who helped them land a deal with Geffen.  Was produced their self-titled major label debut which appeared in 1997.  Despite the album's obvious charms and the involvement of Was, Geffen soon dropped The Mommyheads from their roster and more or less abandoned the release.  Feeling disillusioned, the band called it quits early the following year.

The Mommyheads reunited for a tribute show in New York for original drummer Jan Kotík which in turn led to a reunion album, 2008's “You're Not a Dream”.  In 2010, Palmer was replaced by bassist Jason McNair and the band entered their most prolific period, releasing a succession of albums including “Delicate Friction” (2011), “Vulnerable Boy” (2012), and “Soundtrack to the World's End” (2018).  They also reissued remastered and occasionally remixed versions of several of their earlier albums.

This creative flow continued into the next decade as the Mommyheads began releasing a new LP every year, starting with 2020's “New Kings of Pop” and on through 2023's vibrant concept album, “Coney Island Kid”.  They also welcomed multi-instrumentalist Jackie Simons into the group.  Almost four decades later, The Mommyheads are still the undisputed godfathers of baroque prog pop music!


4:00 PM to 5:00 PM


“Call it rock or punk or rock ‘n’ roll or whatever, there’s still supposed to be some danger,” Combustor chief Clancy Carroll recently mused to  “And blood and sweat and maybe some tears.  Tears of joy, that is!”  He would know.  Between them, Combustor’s three members – Carroll on guitar, lead vocals, and songwriting, plus drummer/percussionist Marc Graves and bassist/vocalist Bobby Mitchell – share 120 years of cumulative punk rock experience.

Their self-titled debut album, which dropped on CD in May 2023, with vinyl following a few months later, by Carroll’s label Splunge Communications, Inc., is a neat compression of every musical style within their expertise.  Hissing, crushing tracks such as “Accelerate” and “Bent” would not have sounded out of place on ‘90s alternative rock stations, programmed between Jane’s Addiction and Ministry.  Then Combustor can flex other sets of muscles and uncork some unadulterated punk rock, including the humorous “Katie Dropped An F-Bomb” (featuring a sampled Dee Dee Ramone count-in), “Rails,” and “Punk Rock Sunday School Teacher.”

All of Combustor’s individual parts have resumes that essentially begin in the Milwaukee punk scene’s early days.  Mitchell’s tight bottom end management drove the second lineup of The Haskels, the Fender-amp-on-10 punk band considered the scene’s flagship outfit.  He’s the bassist on the recently reissued Taking The City By Storm EP.  Graves was a Haskels roadie and an occasional substitute drummer, depping for a few shows when Vodie Reinhardt nursed a broken arm.  He and Mitchell were reunited in jam band Royal Flush.  Which leaves head honcho Carroll.  He helmed West Side “punk ‘n’ roll” band The Ones, responsible for a now-collectible single called “Tightrope.”  The A-side is given a muscular remake on Combustor.  He played with Mitchell in The Dominoes and the Clancy Carroll Band.  He also has become Milwaukee punk’s recording angel, via his archival work on Splunge, including the acclaimed History In 3 Chords retrospective and a pair of Haskels reissues.

Three sixty-somethings playing punk/punk-influenced rock in the wake of a global meltdown and pandemic-bred paranoia?  That’s a pretty upbeat reaction, very Milwaukee-is-drowning-and-I-live-by-the-river.  Combustor has crafted a perfect response to a world in flames, one that's hummable, even danceable.  Johnny Rotten once quipped to Rolling Stone that the Sex Pistols were “a great dance band that’s out to destroy the world.”  Combustor is one seeking to rebuild it.  Which is the more noble ambition?




2:30 PM to 3:30 PM


Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold are an indie rock band from London, Ontario Canada.  Leading the band is Rose Cora Perry, the former frontwoman of major label signed act Anti-Hero.  Rose has performed at some of the world’s most renowned music festivals including: Summer NAMM, Canadian Music Week, North by Northeast, Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Regatta, Warped Tour, and MEANYFest NYC.

Bringing audiences of over 500,000 to tears with her emotional sound and sincere performances, Rose has been crowned a well-respected industry pro and has been named one of the Top 10 talents in Canada.  In line with her efforts, in 2011, she was invited to attend the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles as an honorary special guest artist.

She's performed at Budweiser Gardens, graced the covers of magazines, achieved “Top 30” radio singles, conducted numerous guest lectures, served as a Voting Committee Member for the Jack Richardson Music Awards and was elected to represent the “voice of the independent musician” in a three-month expose for Canadian Musician.  While most recognized for her contributions to the Great White North's indie rock scene, as a classically trained performer with over 20 years on stage, Perry is skilled at singing in any genre and compelling audiences of all ages.

In 2010, Perry launched her critically acclaimed debut solo album, "Off Of the Pages" and its associated non-for-profit foundation, MusicSaves, which aims to impart onto troubled youth the healing capacity of music.  Rose continues to regularly lend her talents toward various non-for-profit and community events acting as an Emcee, including London Defeat Depression.

2016 marked the triumphant return of Perry's musical efforts with the critically acclaimed worldwide release of her sophomore solo album, "Onto the Floor". In conjunction with the album's release, Perry formed high energy powerhouse duo, The Truth Untold, featuring the exceptional talent of Tyler Randall on Drums (Blind Mag/Swerve).  Bassist Jessie Taynton also joins the band live on tour.  Perry handles Vocals, Guitar and Songwriting.

Within a mere six months of coming together as a live performance act for Rose Cora Perry's latest release, The Truth Untold conquered audiences of 25,000 plus, performing at notable festivals and winning over crowds of 20-somethings and baby boomers alike!


1:15 PM to 2:00 PM


Charlie Bucket has been bringing its version of Classic Rock and Blues songs for almost 15 Years forming in late 2009.  Their musical mayhem stems from a belief that music is to be creative, savored and shared.  The unique abilities of each of its members to create a whimsical collective spin on the familiar songs we know and love has been the center of their longevity and following.  The Lineup of Charlie Bucket through the years has been a solid brotherhood of musicians who enjoy being together as much as performing for the masses.  BBQ Bob Peronto, Dan Krueger, Scott Timmers, Tim Klein and Randy Luepetow have thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the Wisconsin music scene.  Even though they recently have pared down the amount of dates per year, each show brings an energy and appreciation for all who love live music!  Charlie Bucket lives on! (Just like an Everlasting Gobstopper!)




12:00 PM to 12:45 PM


Marc Birr is a singer, songwriter and guitarist from Two Rivers, Wisconsin known for his Irish styled music.  Marc has also played in a number of bands over the years and is an accomplished recording engineer and mixer who can be found working with area bands at his “Carp Town Studios”.

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