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FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2022


7:30 PM to 9:30 PM


Jennie DeVoe is an American Soul singer & songwriter who to date has recorded six studio albums, her last three recorded in England with acclaimed producer/musician John Parish.   Her songs have earned her a Billboard Award, national TV song placement (Dawson's Creek, Joan of Arcadia), licensing for a 2002 Corona Beer radio campaign and national & international radio play unheard of for independent artists.  She has played shows with world renowned award winning artists including Susan Tedeschi, Lucinda Williams, Jack Johnson, Bonnie Raitt, John Hiatt, Betty LeVette, John Mayer, Joe Cocker, Ray Charles and many more.  In 2012, she and her band played for 20,000 people at the Super Bowl Village in Indianapolis during Super Bowl weekend.  She has performed major events all over the country, including the highly acclaimed Lillith Fair.  Her style is original, soul-infused blues and Americana with award winning lyrics that remind you of Dylan and Prine.  She's got the whole package.


Jennie DeVoe, an Indiana-native, has built a rock-solid career without the backing of a major label, a conscious decision that has allowed her to remain independent and create music on her own terms.  SonyRED however was so impressed with her critically-acclaimed Strange Sunshine, that they offered her a distribution deal, bringing her music to many new ears, while still allowing her to retain her artistic freedom.  Jennie has been courted by some of the biggest record labels around including Universal and Atlantic Records, but has carefully chosen the path of an independent artist with incredible success.


Her shows are filled with grit, humor and emotion with a voice and a band that are unique, refreshing and timelessly entertaining.  In a time when musical acts can seem to replicate one another, DeVoe and her band deliver a show that stands out with qualities you only expect from the best of the best.  Bonnie Raitt and John Hiatt have both sung her praises from their own stages and she has an appeal to audiences of all genres and ages.


Blues Revue Magazine writes:

"DeVoe is a melodic and gutsy songwriter, with a vibrant, multi-hued voice that can shift from a cat-like purr to a gospel wail and rasp within seconds.  She is dynamite in a small package and the voice that comes out of her seems too big for her frame.  She's an under-the-radar artist that has the talent to be a major force on either side of the Atlantic."



Nettle Hill

6:00 PM to 7:00 PM


Nettle Hill is a sibling(ish) trio singing songs of Americana with a laid-back smoky sound. The band is made up of two siblings and a childhood friend from Menchalville, WI.  Nettle Hill released their debut album in 2021 titled “Set Fire To A Perfect Story”. We are glad to have the full band at Metro Jam this year as a late addition to this summer's lineup. 

Sam Gauthier

5:00 PM to 5:45 PM


Sam Gauthier is a singer/songwriter and guitarist who invites you to take a glimpse into her personal journey with her music. Sam is based out of the Fox Valley and can be seen regularly in the Manitowoc area at The Wharf and other various solo appearances. Sam Gauthier’s original folk/rock songs bring true meaning to the importance of music in your life!



8:30 PM to 10:00 PM


Formed from the cream of Atlanta’s studio musicians, Atlanta Rhythm Section (actually hailing from nearby Doraville, Georgia) came together in 1970 after working on a Roy Orbison recording session.


Keyboardist Dean Daughtry and drummer Robert Nix had been members of Orbison's backing group, The Candymen, and Daughtry and guitarist J.R. Cobb had been members of the Top 40 hitmakers Classics IV (“Spooky,” “Stormy,” “Traces”). Rounding out the original ARS lineup were vocalist Rodney Justo (replaced after the first album by Ronnie Hammond), guitarist Barry Bailey, and bassist Paul Goddard.


The group recorded two albums for Decca Records in 1972, neither of which made an impact, before signing to Polydor Records in 1974. Their first album for that company, Third Annual Pipe Dream, only reached number 74 in the U.S. The next two albums fared even worse. Finally, in 1977, “So Into You” became the band’s breakthrough single, reaching the U.S. Top 10, and the album from which it came, A Rock And Roll Alternative, went gold. Their platinum follow-up album, Champagne Jam, broke into the Top 10 in 1978, together with the blockbuster single “Imaginary Lover” and “I’m Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight”. In addition, the popular album title track “Champagne Jam” was another major hit for ARS. Nix left after that, replaced on drums by Roy Yeager. During this magical timeframe, ARS performed at many major music festivals including Canada Jam to over 110,000 people and at the White House for President Jimmy Carter, another notable Georgia product.  In 1979 the band released their album Underdog which produced two more Top 20 hits "Spooky" and “Do It Or Die”.


After an extended break, the band got back together in the mid-‘90s and re-recorded some of their best and best-known songs. The live-in-the-studio sound of Atlanta Rhythm Section ‘96 presents a different, less polished take on some classic tunes and captures the sound of their live performances from that period. Three original band members returned: singer Ronnie Hammond, guitarist Barry Bailey and keyboardist Dean Daughtry. They were joined by Steve Stone on guitar, Justin Senker on bass and Sean Burke on drums. The group also cut a second version of these songs with the same lineup except for new drummer R. J. Vealey.


It was around this time that ARS was elected to the Georgia Music Hall of Fame. The band was honored at a September 1996 induction ceremony at the Georgia World Congress Center. Atlanta Rhythm Section has carried on over the years, continuing to make concert appearances showcasing their many classic hits and outstanding musical abilities.


7:00 PM to 8:00 PM

You should already know these songs. If the old saying about talent equaling success were true, then The Steepwater Band would already be a household name, rubbing shoulders with Aerosmith, Bad Company and other like-minded travelers in our collective Rock ‘n Roll Fantasy. But that’s not how things always work, and this band knows it and still leans into it, smiling, with everything in them, not for brass rings and marquees, but because they must! For them, the music life is a calling and not some stupid costume one puts on to shake loose gold, fame, and groupies. In a land of caricatures, it’s striking to come face-to-face with the real thing.

Something primal lurks in their music, but always wrestling with emotions and stories that are everyday-ready ~ music at once strut-inducing sexy and brass knuckles honest, a sound evolved smartly & patiently through countless gigs, running the bulls whenever and wherever they’ve been welcomed since 1998. AC/DC once said, “If you got the dollar, we got the song / Just wanna boogie woogie all night long,” and The Steepwater Band surely embodies this lip-smacking urge to get some in this mean old world, befitting the group’s Chicago roots and their earthy understanding of crackling city blues.

The abiding, resounding passion inside this band is never in question. Dive into their seemingly endless catalog of songs just about anywhere, and the heart and muscle pumping away inside every track are palpable and present in a most pleasing way. Their sound is like a soundtrack for arm wrestling The Devil and then drinking shots with him ’til sunrise after you’ve pinned him down. Their songs bridge the miles between lovers, throw lines to brothers and sisters in need of some understanding and a spark that makes them shuffle, eyes closed, shaking off the day’s heavy load, ready for another round because the right song by the right band made them feel they had enough fight left in them. That’s the kind of band you’re dealing with here, and they’ll be doing this long after all the pretty boys, package acts, and pretenders have left the stage.

Peter Mac
5:30 PM to 6:30 PM

Peter Mac's styling comes from years of formal training and a long list of great and diverse influences; artists ranging from The Beatles, Sting, Pat Metheny, and George Benson. It was Jimi Hendrix, however, who provided the initial inspiration that shifted Peter's dedication from his studies in classical and jazz piano to the guitar at the age of fourteen.


Peter Mac has been a constant figure in the Milwaukee music scene for well over 30 years. He came to prominence with The Converters during the 80’s. Peter was also the staff guitarist for The Milwaukee Bucks house band, Streetlife, for twenty three years which gave him exposure to thousands of people. Peter has recorded eleven solo CD's and played on over three hundred radio and TV spots. He has opened for Chicago, INXS, KIngs X, Robin Trower and many others.

Max & The Invaders

4:00 PM to 5:00 PM


Since 1989 (as just "the Invaders") this seven-piece band Max & the Invaders have been writing original music and performing live, now for over 30 years! They are Wisconsin’s #1 Ska genre legends and 4-time WAMI award winners. They have released six full-length CD's, a vinyl EP (on their own label "MaxTone") and had songs on over 24 CD compilations! During the 3rd wave Ska flurry of the 1990's, the band toured extensively and gained worldwide recognition as well as here in the states. They currently are the most recognizable and longest running Ska/Reggae band ever to emerge from Milwaukee and Wisconsin.

The current line-up includes members who have come from many notable bands in the Milwaukee area and who have also played in 3rd wave Ska bands including "International Jet Set", “Highball Holiday”, “707” and “The Fallout” making this band a local Super Band of sorts! Their original music is influenced primarily by early 80's British 2-Tone Ska, and many bands since like Oingo Boingo, UB40, the Police and Fishbone. Traditional 60's Jamaican legends like Desmond Dekker, Laurel Aitken and Bob Marley are also mentors to this group.

With a fun mix of Ska, Reggae, Calypso, Rock and unexpected covers thrown into the set this band brings high energy Ska and Reggae groove fun for all ages to festivals, clubs and college campuses wherever they go!



Funky Chemist

2:30 PM to 3:30 PM


Funky Chemist is a Milwaukee based organ trio that fuses funky grooves with heavy guitar and adds a strand of psychedelic rock into what would otherwise be categorized as a jazz act. The music is most influence by the Stanton Moore Trio, Soulive, Dr. Lonnie Smith and The Meters.


Funky Chemist released their first collection of songs on March 27, 2020. The band recorded with Ric Probst at Tanner-Monagle Studios and Gary Tanin at Daystorm mastered the album with the eight track effort clocking in at just under 38 minutes. The release has been well received, debuting at #195 on the NACC Top 200. Funky Chemist debuted at Summerfest in 2019 and are back for a return performance at the festival once again this summer following their Metro Jam appearance.



Suzie and The Detonators

1:15 PM to 2:00 PM


Suzie and the Detonators is a fun, danceable, high energy band that is loaded with talent! When was the last time you heard a band who played everything from Madonna and Weezer, to Miranda Lambert and Van Halen? Exactly! This Sheboygan band seen only on a limited basis in the Manitowoc area up until now, have your rockin’ music needs covered!



B. J. Fisher

12:00 PM to 12:45 PM


B.J. Fisher is a singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist releasing years of music for the first time. “I've honed my craft while my wife and I have cared for our young children. It's been a long road of work and miracles, but I'm thrilled to release my first album, Night Reminder, which came out January 2, 2022.” B.J. Fisher’s debut album is comprised of thirteen songs that were made with the help of his friends, Tom Kraemer (Bass), Daniel Dauwe (Guitar), Zach Meyer (Keys/Engineer/Mixing/Production), & Nick Lang (Drums/Percussion). It was recorded in July of 2019 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at The Coalroom and mastered by Justin Perkins of Mystery Room Mastering.


Writing this record was a labor of love for B.J. spanning a decades time. In the throes of life, while raising a young family (including twins), late night songwriting lit a path of reminders for B.J. Fisher to carry on as an artist with his loving wife, Brit. In the spring of 2019, after a momentous epiphany, Brit and B.J. determined that he would make his first record, Night Reminder. Together, they ran a successful Kickstarter campaign. After receiving the amount needed at midnight, B.J.’s wife Brit gave birth to their fifth child at 5AM. It was a cosmic high five!

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